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Not only a roof over your head but a shelter for your heart.”

— Angel Works Housing Foundation


Angel Works Housing Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) 

that provides a temporary shared community and transitional housing accommodations. The foundation focuses on operating a recovery residence that is a sober, safe, and healthy living environment, free from alcohol and illicit drug use and centered peer support and a connection to services that promote sustained recovery including: continued sobriety, improved individual health, residential stability, and positive community involvement. 

To improve the lives of members of charitable classes such as.

Veterans - There is a tremendous demand for housing for veterans who are either transitioning into society or homeless. AWHF will be a place to help veterans heal, lead them from despair to hope, provide a chance for them to recover and grow, and offer housing while transitioning in a new area of expertise.

Individuals who have overcome incarceration, trauma, or abuse - AWHF provides recovery, tranquility, safety, and comfort, for these individuals, while offering basic necessities as they get back on their feet and improve their lives.    


Disadvantaged women  


Working homeless - Housing costs have dramatically increased as a result, certain groups are having a difficult time finding affordable housing and are now becoming homeless. For these individuals, shared housing is a more affordable alternative, while living in great neighborhoods.

At Angel Works Housing Foundation, we want to remove housing insecurity. We know that every recovery journey is different. We help residents ease their way back to normal life by giving them the freedom to come and go as they wish, but at the same time maintaining a foundation of rules.



Angel Works Housing Foundation provides inspirational and exceptional shared housing in great neighborhoods for recovery and re-entry residents. Our Focus is on veterans, people in need of shared supportive housing and many others with housing insecurities. Angel Works Housing Foundation removes housing insecurity to assist in fostering a positive path for their journey. Our aim is to improve one’s well-being with respect, empowerment, compassion, and integrity during their journey to long lasting recovery and self-sufficiency

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